Our Story

“From the soil to the seed to the food you eat.”

Cindy and Stephen Scott

Cindy and Stephen Scott

We are a family owned independent heirloom seed company offering the finest untreated, Non-GMO heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds for home gardeners and small growers. We offer heirloom and open pollinated seeds, soil building and seed saving education combined with personal service, great selection and fast shipping. Our philosophy is “From the soil to the seed to the food you eat.”

We welcome you to a most unique seed company. We do much more than just sell seeds, as you will soon see!

We are constantly reading, researching and digging out proven, unique, non-mainstream approaches to agriculture, along with techniques and technologies that, for the most part, cannot be found elsewhere. Some of these are ancient, some are just old and others are the cutting edge of the most modern technology and science. We analyze, question, test and use these approaches to find out where they fit into a cohesive, comprehensive and holistic approach to gardening and human scale agriculture.

There is a deeply connected interdependence and series of networks in agriculture that are just now opening up and becoming better known all the time. It is only now, early on in the 21st Century, that we have the science and technology to begin to understand and answer how and why certain things work in the garden and agriculture. The more we research and the deeper we dig, the more we find answers to many of the most pressing questions of the modern gardener and small scale grower. Many of these problems we face today are not new and some have been solved and answered many times over, by many different cultures in the past. We simply need to find those answers, examine them and bring them back into awareness.

We work hard to provide this information and education because your relationship is needed – based on trust – to improve our lives and business. In order to create and honor that relationship we must provide a great deal of value and benefit to you, to help improve your life and health. In this way we both enter into a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and respect that can grow over the years. A one time order does nothing – there is no real, tangible benefit for either of us; thus our focus on value and away from empty gimmicks such as sales, limited time offers and free shipping, which is never free.

From our experiences in gardening, rangeland and habitat restoration we have found that it’s not just about the seeds; the highest quality seeds are great, but there is room and need for more, much more. There is a cycle to gardening that is not being addressed much today- soil education and awareness of its role and importance; the important role of quality seed and how they interact with the soil; the critical importance of micro-organisms that feed us all that many are not aware of; how to prepare the food grown from your garden and how it can all tie in together to markedly increase your health- all from your home garden.

Providing education and information up front helps us to establish the trust based relationship- if the free education is this good, how good are the seeds? We devote enormous amounts of time and attention with our growers to producing the highest quality of seed possible, to honor our obligation of providing the best information and seed to ensure your success in your garden. That is a primary concern to us- if you’re not successful, we want to help, regardless of the reason. After all, if your garden isn’t growing well, what’s the point? Yes, there are challenges in each and every garden, no matter where you live. If there was a “perfect” area for gardening, most of us would have moved there by now!

We are Cindy and Stephen Scott, along with Allan and Eileen Davis, owners of Terroir Seeds LLC home of Underwood Gardens, known for the finest hand selected heirloom and open pollinated seeds, along with education in soil building and seed saving.

Both Cindy and Stephen have been involved for almost 20 years in environmental education, habitat restoration, Holistic Resource Management in both grassland and rangeland improvements with several local ranches, as well as studying the impact of development and loss of agriculture on the health of soils and how to restore their biological activity and vitality.

Cindy has her degree in greenhouse management, and has been the resident grower of the family for a long time. She has been collecting articles on soils, seed saving and general growing for over 12 years. Over the course of working for a nonprofit natural history center for over 6 years, she has gained many skills and talents that have been put to good use here! She developed a Grow Native! Plant Sale and Educational Festival that educates gardeners in the Central Arizona Highlands.

Stephen has a business background, from management of a nationally known rental car agency to warranty administrator for a local car dealership. He is an acknowledged chili-head who loves the hotter side of things and loves to cook. The appeal of the garden and growing is to supply the freshest ingredients for the meals! He has a large interest in self sustainability and resiliency- being able to do and produce most of what one needs, and building a strong community of local food producers. We have built a greenhouse from recycled materials that will provide a source of year round produce as well as serve as the starting beds for the plants that will be grown in the garden and for seed.

For a more in-depth look at the arc of our journey in resiliency and how Terroir Seeds came into being, read Get to Know Us Better.

Allan and Eileen Davis bring over three decades of business consulting, financial management and accounting experience to the mix.