Here’s some of the comments we’ve received from our customers.

“I order from a number of seed companies and like all of them, but compared to the others, Terroir Seeds customer service is beyond excellent! Please keep up the good work!” – Jeanyie, Fenton, MO

“Please find attached a photo of my vegetable garden which I might add I am so very proud of. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all your help (especially Stephen). This was my first time starting a garden from seedlings. I have to admit there where some disappointing moments and problems (again thank you Stephen for your help), yet I feel I learned so much (next year keeping a journal!) and I am so happy for what I have accomplished. So happy in fact that I just placed an order for my fall seedlings. I am pretty daring. I also have to add that I did unfortunately use some other companies seeds and they did not flourish no where near as well as your seeds. Proving of course you have a wonderful product! I am already thinking about next years garden spring/summer) and what seedlings I am going to purchase.” – Lori, Ingleside, IL

“I just want to let you know that I have been very happy with all of the seeds I purchased from you this spring. We have been eating the Lincoln peas for several weeks now. The pods developed into long straight pods that are completely filled out.

The Sioux tomatoes are blooming and starting to set fruit. They were easy to germinate. I also ordered radish, basil, peppers, melons and squash seeds. Everything is doing well. I live out in the middle of the desert by Yucca, AZ so we don’t have the best soil. All of my gardening is in raised beds with cages around them for protection from critters.

I have Master Gardener friends who complain about the germination rate of the seeds they have bought from other companies. I have been extremely happy with everything I ordered from you. I love the fact that they are all heirloom.” – Nelda, Yucca, AZ

“Thank you so much!! I recieved my seed this morning. I almost planted okra instead of going to work!!..thanks again for the fast order!. Ya’ll are my #1 source for heirloom seed.” – Dee, Belvidere. TN

“I wanted to let you know that I have harvested my first crop of Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomatoes and they are awesome. Some of the first tomatoes were smaller than expected, but many on the plants are large but not ripe. I just hope we keep above freezing temps for another month so they can continue to ripen. I will start my seeds earlier next year. So happy to have my first tasting of excellent tomatoes! Thanks for supplying the seeds.” – Mary Ann, Prescott Valley, AZ

“I had to send you a picture of the most beautiful head of lettuce I’ve ever grown. It’s “Glorious” and one of yours! Thank you for seeds we can trust.” – Rose, Murfreesboro, TN

“I just wanted to let you know that your package arrived today. I just got it when I got home from work.

Thanks so much for your following up to my email and your excellent customer service, which is a rarity these days.

I am a very happy customer (whether my seeds grow or not!!)… maybe I have beginner’s luck!
It has been a pleasure to deal with you.” – Amneris, Miami, FL

“I’d just like to tell you how pleased I was with the ‘brazillian button flower’ seeds this year. They were unique and pleasant to look at, the plants got between knee and waist high tall, and were filled with cup shaped blooms. They lasted thru frost until the second week of Dec. when the wind chill got down to -30. The best suprise was when I dried them for seed they had the most incredibly fragrant smell. I was looking all around trying to figure out where that smell was coming from. And the petals stained me fuschia (brite pink) with their dried powder. This is the first year I’ve gotten those to start, I tried indoors this time, instead of outdoors.

Also, the balloon peppers were the most prolific this year, and pleasantly spicy. Best tomato was “peach’. Out of 18 varieties that one had the most consistently and was the tastiest. “mortgage Lifter’, and ‘giant Italian’ got to be about 5 lbs a tomato. A great year all around. Thanks again.” – Victoria, Evergreen Park, IL

“Just a note to say Hi, and THANK YOU for all my wonderful seeds! This is my 1st garden in New England, and myself and all my neighbors are wowed. You have such a wonderful variety of seeds – I quickly ran out of space in my 35×15 garden (I planted a little bit of everything). The Complimentary packs were nice too – gave me the chance to plant things I might have never ordered. You’ve made a repeat and referral sale with me – I tell everyone where I got my seeds from!” – Barb, Newport, RI


You guys are awesome!!!

I liked everything about this transaction from your website all the way through to the concise, clear communication!

Am excited to get my seeds although they’ll have to wait for next spring, but I had never heard about these and think they’ll make a great addition to the little roadside farm stand that I operate each summer!! – Cheryl, Lanesboro, MA

“Just to express my deepest appreciation to you for being so kind to take the time to share with me how to start and to grow the seeds for ‘Melrose Peppers.’

I will be ordering the seeds very soon and will follow your instructions, which I have have written down carefully.

Since I am sorely lacking of a ‘green thumb,’ I certainly will try to be most successful.

I have always wanted to grow herbs (basil, etc.) and now maybe I can learn to be a fair gardner.

Thank you for your kindness to take the time to help me get started. I will always be appreciative more than I can ever say.

You may be hearing from me, but I hope it will be positive news that I am following your instructions and being successful in my efforts.” – Dianne, KY