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Wendell Berry

Thoughts on Selected Wendell Berry Quotes

Wendell Berry – Poet, Author, Farmer, Philosopher Let’s start this conversation off with one of Wendell Berry’s quotes that has had a profound impact on me and what has become Terroir Seeds: “We are going to have to gather up the fragments of knowledge and responsibilities that have been turned over to governments, corporations, and [...]

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Bloomsdale Spinach

History of Spinach

After Ellen’s article about “Alternative Spinach Greens” she now tells us more about the original spinach. Grown in the cooler season in a rich soil, spinach is delicious – juicy with a nice crunch to it; a mildly sweet flavor and no bitterness. Sort of like a bolder leaf lettuce. There is little written about [...]

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Alternative Spinach Greens

Spinach is either loved or hated, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. This is probably the result of either being subjected to slimy canned spinach as a child, or having escaped those trials at the dining table. The good news is that love of spinach can be learned, especially when that spinach is [...]

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What’s Wrong with Our Wheat?

Today’s commercial wheat – a semi-dwarf, high-yield type – is causing many people to be sick. Gluten intolerance or celiac disease has skyrocketed since the 1970s and shows no sign of slowing down. A decade ago, gluten intolerance levels were at 1 in 2,500 worldwide. Today, it’s at 1 in 133! What has happened to [...]

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Emergency Seed Plan

Emergency Seeds – How to Feed Your Family in a Crisis

Survival seeds, emergency seeds or emergency seed banks – whatever term is used – have had a lot of attention and marketing focused on their purchase, storage and use in the recent past. The scenario usually goes something like this: buy this vacuum packed, nitrogen flushed can of emergency seeds for feeding your family in [...]

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Dacha Garden

Russian Dacha Gardening – Homescale Agriculture Feeding Everyone

There are a growing number of conversations and discussions taking place around the country, in person and online, about a highly important emerging question – how are we going to feed ourselves with a growing population, diminishing resources and a challenging climate? We see news reports of crop devastation from droughts, floods and other weather [...]

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Rough Service Lightbulbs Can Kill Your Chickens

Backyard chicken owners looking for an alternative to heat lamp bulbs to keep coops and water warm in the winter should beware of “rough service” bulbs that have a coating that makes them shatter resistant. That coating is Teflon or PTFE, and is deadly to your chicken flock. There have been a number of people [...]

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Another Urban Farm

Urban Farming Examined Part II

“We are in an era when gardens are front and center for hopes and dreams of a better world or just a better neighborhood…” What if urban farming isn’t just about feeding the hungry? There are many other crops – tangible and intangible – that are cultivated, raised, protected, harvested and shared from the soil [...]

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Urban Garden

Urban Farming Examined Part I

Can Urban Farming Really Work? Today we are going to look at a couple of opposing viewpoints on urban farming- that being the practice of growing food in an urban environment, more of a food producer than a hobby gardener with a windowsill box of daisies. Urban farming has become hip, cool and somewhat radical [...]

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No Destructive Bugs

Home Garden Bug Solution

Here it is the beginning of June and bugs are making their appearances in our garden. We wanted to share a recipe we’ve found that has been recommended to us by other gardeners and has proven to be effective in dealing with unwanted insects and other bugs in the garden. This is a different approach [...]

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