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Burgandy Cockscomb

Burgundy Cockscomb – A Striking Heirloom Flower

New to our 2012 catalog is the Burgundy Cockscomb (Celosia cristata) flower. This amazingly beautiful heirloom flower has a very interesting story. Celosia comes from the Greek kelos meaning “burned” referring to the color of the prototypical flower. Native throughout the tropics, it was the dark red-colored C. cristata that was first introduced into Europe […]

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Szechuan Buttons on glass

Szechuan Buttons or Toothache Plant – Rock Star of the Garden

Szechuan Buttons – Secret Ingredient of Celebrity Chefs and Master Bartenders One of our best selling herbs is the Toothache Plant or Szechuan Buttons. Spilanthes oleracea, also known as Acmella oleracea is a low-growing plant with bronze-purple leaves hosting yellow/red “gumdrop” flowers that bloom repeatedly summer through fall. The medicinal uses of spilanthes have been […]

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Handful of Seed

What Are Heirloom Seeds?

Heirloom seeds, heirloom vegetables and heirloom gardening are becoming increasingly popular today. Many people are turning or returning to home gardening for a variety of reasons, and heirloom seeds figure prominently. Some of these include an interest in fresh, local and healthy foods, others need to stretch the family food budget, some need additional exercise […]

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Armenian Cucumber

Armenian Cucumber- Best Tasting, Burpless Home Grown Cucumber

I’ve often wondered why the Armenian Cucumber was always the preferred choice of cucumber for my grandmother. She said it was the best tasting cucumber and that it was “burpless” which was important to her. I know sometimes folks are very sensitive to eating raw cucumber because of that burping issue. What causes the burping? […]

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Fearing Burr on Savoy Cabbage

The remarkable book Field and Garden Vegetables of America by Fearing Burr was one of the first gardening treatises written in 1863 for the American Gardener. The subtitle is “Containing the full descriptions of nearly eleven hundred species and varieties; with directions for propagation, culture, and use; illustrated”. We love old books because they always […]

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New and unique heirloom seed collections available online now.

In response to our customers requests, we have just released our new and unique seed collections online at Underwood Gardens Heirloom Seed Collections. We have an initial 14 collections that are specially priced and carefully selected to make your growing experiences as easy and rewarding as possible. This makes it easy to explore a new […]

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Heirloom Seeds and Plants

Heirloom Seeds and Plants Heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs are varieties that have remained popular with home gardeners because they grow well and taste great. Loosely defined as plant varieties that have been grown for at least three generations (and sometimes for three or more centuries!), heirloom food plants are varieties that have been […]

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Why Heirlooms Seeds Matter

Many people have started to learn about Heirloom vegetables, with the tomato being the main introduction. Heirloom seeds, along with heirloom herbs and flowers have seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. There is a mindset that heirlooms are delicate, fragile varieties that need lots of love and the perfect conditions to grow […]

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