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Are We At The Peak of Industrial Agriculture?

What if we are seeing the peak of industrial agriculture, sort of like Peak Oil? What if this is as good as commercial, chemical, industrial and corporate agriculture gets? There are some early signs that this may, in fact, be true. Yes, the USDA shows that all agriculture added around $444 billion to our economy […]

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Free-range Chickens

Chicken Epidemic Linked to Equine Pathogen

Free range chickens are great for the small scale grower or modern day homesteader for their eggs, bug control, funny antics and sometimes meat. One thing to be aware of is some of the dangers that face chickens, such as coyotes, dogs or hawks. Ravens are very fond of the eggs, often waiting until they […]

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Potato Chips

Junk Food Designed to be Unhealthy And Addictive

Engineering Salt, Sugar and Fat to Create Food Addiction “Today, one in three adults is considered clinically obese, along with one in five kids, and 24 million Americans are afflicted by type 2 diabetes, often caused by poor diet, with another 79 million people having pre-diabetes. Even gout, a painful form of arthritis once known […]

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Handful of seed

All Seeds Are Not Equal

Your Garden is Chemical-Free, Are Your Seeds? There is a groundswell among home gardeners looking to grow their gardens in a less chemically intensive and more biologically responsible way. They spend hours reading and researching the best ways to build the health and fertility of their soils, improve the microbial communities in the soil and […]

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System Failure

Can the FDA be Trusted with Our Food Safety?

By all accounts, the FDA is a miserable failure for food safety. Many of us remember the national food safety nightmare – a listeria outbreak in cantaloupes from around Rocky Ford, CO – in the summer of 2011. All in all, there were 147 illnesses and 33 deaths, making this incident the most deadly outbreak […]

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Money Rules

US Government Backs Down From Big Ag

For more than half of 2010 members of the Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture held investigative hearings around the country on the impacts that Big Ag – industrialized, commercial agriculture – had on the producers that supplied them or used their products. For many of the farmers working under contract to national companies, […]

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Local Food Economy

Local Food Movement Feeds Commercial Customers

The Local Food Movement Gets A New Prescription The local food economy is entering a completely new chapter with such seemingly unlikely partners as St. Joseph Mercy Hospital of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leading edge, innovative hospitals such as St. Joseph’s are working to incorporate more local, sustainably grown produce into their menus and food systems. […]

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Betting on Sustainable Agriculture

A Banker Bets on Sustainable Agriculture

“It now appears that we are about five years into a chronic global food crisis that is unlikely to fade for many decades…” These words were written by none other than an investment strategist who looks at what is or will be profitable in the future and he is betting that sustainable agriculture is one […]

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