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Slow Food Southwest Regional Meeting

Slow Food Southwest Regional Meeting

The Slow Food Southwest regional meeting was held in Chino Valley, AZ on June 8 and 9, 2013 with members from several Slow Food chapters including Phoenix, Prescott, Santa Fe, Southern Arizona and the Navajo Churro Lamb Presidia. In addition, Slow Food USA was present with Richard McCarthy, Executive Director and Aimee Thunberg, Associate Director [...]

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From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World

Brian Halweil shares an important message about how food can and does change the world for the better. This short TED talk reminded me of my days in college and reading the same Paul Ehrlich title. Sometimes as individuals we can be overwhelmed with facts and figures, doom and gloom. In order to make positive [...]

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Dacha Garden

Russian Dacha Gardening – Homescale Agriculture Feeding Everyone

There are a growing number of conversations and discussions taking place around the country, in person and online, about a highly important emerging question – how are we going to feed ourselves with a growing population, diminishing resources and a challenging climate? We see news reports of crop devastation from droughts, floods and other weather [...]

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Slow Food Prescott Potluck and Fermentation Workshop

Our local Slow Food Prescott chapter held its almost-monthly meeting and potluck, along with a fermentation workshop hosted by Allison Jack, Agroecology faculty at Prescott College and Molly Beverly, Chef at Crossroads Café of Prescott College. This workshop was a reprisal of the fermentation workshop and book-signing that Sandor Katz presented on October 24th. Unfortunately, [...]

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Horsepower – Direct to Consumer Online Marketplace

We recently met the wonderful folks that started Horsepower at The Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, CA mid September. The founders are both active farmers that attended Cal Poly. The development team is also from Cal Poly, and David is a great person. Not a farmer, but highly interested in the local food economy and [...]

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Local Food Economy

Local Food Movement Feeds Commercial Customers

The Local Food Movement Gets A New Prescription The local food economy is entering a completely new chapter with such seemingly unlikely partners as St. Joseph Mercy Hospital of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leading edge, innovative hospitals such as St. Joseph’s are working to incorporate more local, sustainably grown produce into their menus and food systems. [...]

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Food Justice Starts at Home

Food Justice and Security Starts at Home

Food is at the forefront of many people’s minds today, with daily news channels reporting on foods to avoid for health reasons, food safety recalls almost daily, foods that a new study has shown will fight this or that disease, the growth of farmer’s markets and endless debates on local, sustainable food. Some articles and [...]

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Another Urban Farm

Urban Farming Examined Part II

“We are in an era when gardens are front and center for hopes and dreams of a better world or just a better neighborhood…” What if urban farming isn’t just about feeding the hungry? There are many other crops – tangible and intangible – that are cultivated, raised, protected, harvested and shared from the soil [...]

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Urban Garden

Urban Farming Examined Part I

Can Urban Farming Really Work? Today we are going to look at a couple of opposing viewpoints on urban farming- that being the practice of growing food in an urban environment, more of a food producer than a hobby gardener with a windowsill box of daisies. Urban farming has become hip, cool and somewhat radical [...]

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Urban Farm Grows Sustainable Food in Parking Lot

Sustainable Food Grows in Strip Mall Parking Lot The Holland Town Center in Holland, MI is a mostly empty, struggling strip mall with an engaging, unique story. Located in what is described as a food desert – a low-income population center that has limited access to supermarkets or large grocery stores – the mall management [...]

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