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GMO Labeling Fight

Defeating GMO Labeling HIghest Priority of Big Food

Defeating GMO Labeling Initiative “single highest priority this year.” We’ve talked about how the California Proposition 37 -(aka Right to Know)- will be one of the biggest and hardest fought political and business battles this year. Here’s proof. In a recent speech to the American Soybean Association, Pamela Bailey, president of the Grocery Manufacturers Association […]

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Spoonful of GMO sugar?

Are You Eating GMO Sugar? Are You Sure?

A Little Roundup in Your Sugar? Last Thursday, July 19, 2012, the USDA completely deregulated GMO sugar beets for unrestricted planting in the US. The GMO sugar beets, from which table sugar is derived, pose no pest risk according to the USDA. It is interesting that the focus is on “pest risk”, as there are […]

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GMO Labeling?

GMO Labeling Vote Will Be a Big Fight

GMO Labeling – Good Idea? The upcoming GMO labeling vote, known as California Proposition 37 or popularly called the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is shaping up to be a huge fight for both sides. Those that support labeling of foods that contain GMO ingredients -about 70 – 80% of all processed […]

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Non- GMO Labeling is a Hit with Consumers

This is an interesting report from the Nielsen company- the same company doing the familiar Nielsen Ratings. The consumer interest in Non-GMO labeled foods is skyrocketing. In 2009, this micro market segment was worth $60.2 Million and grew at 67% over 2008, making it the #1 healthy eating trend in store brands for 2009. Store […]

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