Online Tools

References, Education and Planning Tools

These are articles that we’ve written and have referred people to many times as well as other planning tools to help you be more successful in your garden.

Ready to Start Your Fall Garden? – Shows how to get the timing right for planting for a great Fall and Winter harvest when the weather cools off. Planting needs to happen much earlier than most people think!

Planning and Planting Your Spring Garden – Gives some great ideas to jump start your Spring garden thinking, and shows how to use the Frost Dates tool.

Seed Starting Media For the Home Gardener – Good seed starting media gives you a real advantage in getting your seedlings to a robust and healthy stage ready for transplanting. We show you what are the ingredients for a good seed starting mix that is readily available, along with a couple of handmade recipes for the more experienced gardeners.

Successful Heirloom Seed Starting For the Home Gardener – Now that you have the planning down and have great media to start your seeds in, you need to plan the area out and source the right equipment- all without making your life difficult or breaking the bank. We show you how to do both on a budget, and give you a video tour of our small but highly effective seed starting rack that grows all of our starts for our trial garden.


Here is a list of other websites and online tools that we have found not only interesting and useful, but turn to time and again. There is no affiliation- financial or otherwise- to these organizations and tools, we just want to share them with you.

Small Farmers Journal - A practical quarterly guide to small farming and self-sustainability.

Acres USA – North America’s oldest and largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming.

This is a list of organizations we are either members of or support.

Seed Savers Exchange – Non-profit member to member seed exchange.

Slow Food USA – A profound response to the folly of fast food.

Native Seeds/SEARCH – A Non-profit native Southwest seed bank.

Local Harvest – Locate a farmer/grower/farmers market near you!