School Fundraising

Schools and organizations are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to raise money. The best school fundraising programs have both an activity and a teaching component. Grow With Us—A Seed Fundraising Program from Terroir Seeds will benefit your school, your students and the gardening public.

Selling heirloom seeds can stimulate students’ interest in gardening, health, nutrition, soil education and plant diversity. Food—how it’s grown and prepared, who grows it and the connection to wellness—all starts with a seed.

Your organization will earn 50% of what is sold.

For example, if your group sells 200 collections, you earn $1,000.

It’s easy to get started! Just download the fundraising booklet using the link below, print it out and distribute it to your coordinating teachers and students. Then email us and let us know about your organization, the name and address of your contact person, size of your group and when you want to get started. That’s all there is to it!

Ready to start? Just click on the high resolution link to download and print your copies!