Visiting one of our growers!

We are currently in Sacramento,  CA to visit one of our growers! This is an exciting trip for us, as we expect to learn a lot and get some ideas for new seed offerings and direction for Underwood Gardens/Terroir Seeds.  I hope to take a bunch of good photos of the soil and our plants that are being grown for seed. I will post them up as I get them, with some of the info that we have learned.

We want to share our knowledge and what we learn with you, so we all can progress in this grand adventure together. All too often we find that people don’t have access to good information or knowledge, or that those that have the knowledge can’t or won’t get it out. That is one of the biggest reasons we have started this blog; as an extension of our seed company- Underwood Gardens.

We ask that you join in the conversation- send a comment on the blog,  email us or call us at 888-878-247.  Either Cindy or myself will answer the phone. Really! If we are away from the phone, one of us will call you back! It will be terrible if this is one- sided. We are  expanding the information on the website, but there are a lot of things that  can only be fully explored or appreciated here, on the blog. We have started an email newsletter and Grandma’s Gardening Tips, each one is once a month, so there are 2 emails we send out each month. If you are interested in joining our email list, please visit our website; the link is on the top left of the categories column and is on just about every page. Then you can stay in the loop with the most current events!

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