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Straw Bale Compost

Compost – What We’ve Learned

We are sharing an article that we’ve written for magazine publication and has been in the October 2013 issue of Acres USA as well as the Fall 2013 edition of Small Farmer’s Journal. Compost is one of the foundational cornerstones of any successful garden, but has been over-thought and made much too complex by people [...]

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Homemade Fish Emulsion is Best

Best Homemade Fish Emulsion

Fish emulsion has been a go-to product for the organic and natural home gardener for years now, as it has proven its effectiveness in feeding the soil and plants with biologically available nutrients while increasing soil and microbe health. The main drawback to commercial fish emulsion is the cost and the smell. While we can’t [...]

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Fresh Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds Build Compost and Soil Health

Fresh Coffee Grounds Are Great Source of Minerals and Nutrients Looking to perk up your compost pile? Do you drink coffee? You might be holding the answer in your hands this very moment, or at least part of the answer. Coffee grounds have been used for many years by those “in the know” to boost [...]

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Milk as Soil Improver

How Milk Improves Soil Health

“Can raw milk make grass grow? More specifically, can one application of three gallons of raw milk on an acre of land produce a large amount of grass?” David Wetzel is the person possibly most responsible for bringing the ancient practice of applying milk to soil in order to improve the health, disease resistance and [...]

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Spring Soil

Spring Garden Soil Elixir

One of the most anticipated times of year for gardeners is Spring, with the attendant planting season. Everything is new and fresh; a chance to start over and improve on last year’s garden. A big subject and one that causes no end of concern, worry and frustration to gardeners is what to do with the [...]

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Seed Starting Mix

Seed Starting Media for the Home Gardener

The importance of proper seed starting media Seed starting media is what is used to, you guessed it, start your seeds in! Why does starting seeds require its own media? Why not just use some good garden soil or well-aged compost? What is the difference anyway? These are valid questions that all too often go [...]

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The Cycle of Terroir- From the Soil, to the Seed, to the Food You Eat

Healthy soil plus healthy seed grows tasty food and healthy people. A simple, systematic approach to healthy soil, seed and food is presented.

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Compost- Nourishing Your Garden Soil

  Compost is one of the best mulches and soil amendments available, easiest ways to feed your garden soil and can (and should) be used instead of commercial chemical fertilizers. It is easily improved or customized for your specific garden conditions and best of all, compost is cheap. You can often make it without spending [...]

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Mineral Restoration of Your Garden Soil Part II

Why You and Your Garden Soil Need Minerals There are many ways to introduce  needed minerals into your garden. One method starts with a soil test and adds or amends several different items or mixtures to get the pH level and major nutrients like N, P and K in appropriate ratios. Another is using multi [...]

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Mineral Restoration of Your Garden Soil

Why Your Garden Soil Needs Minerals Today we  look at another aspect of building healthy, vibrant garden soil that is not only incredibly productive but provides pest and disease resilience. Conventional commercial farming and gardening has mainly paid attention to three elements for the past 65  years or so, pretty much to the exclusion of [...]

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