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Seed Orientation During Planting Improves Germination

Seed orientation during planting isn’t something that most gardeners pay attention to, but perhaps they should as it could improve the germination rates and vigor of their garden. After all, we gardeners spend a lot of time planning, preparing, planting and tending our gardens, so why not take a tiny extra step that might give [...]

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Starting Seeds

Starting Seeds at Home – a Deeper Look

Seeds have everything they need to continue their species built right into them. All of the accumulated adaptations, the wide range of environmental and seasonal conditions that they have encountered and grown through are encoded into their genetic material, their DNA. Everything they need to remain dormant, and then sprout when the time is right [...]

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Heirloom Seed Starting Made Easy

Home gardeners are starting to get the itch to get their yearly heirloom seed starting tradition under way about now. In some parts of the country it is warm enough that folks are able to direct sow cool season crops into their gardens, while in others it is time to start seeds inside to get [...]

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Seed Starting Mix

Seed Starting Media for the Home Gardener

The importance of proper seed starting media Seed starting media is what is used to, you guessed it, start your seeds in! Why does starting seeds require its own media? Why not just use some good garden soil or well-aged compost? What is the difference anyway? These are valid questions that all too often go [...]

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Successful Heirloom Seed Starting for the Home Gardener

When it comes to starting their own heirloom seeds, home gardeners seem to be in two distinct camps- those that are really positive about the process and results, and those that aren’t. The folks that aren’t too excited about starting their own seeds usually have a good reason- they’ve had some failures with die-off and [...]

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