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Nasturtium Pods

Pickled Nasturtium Pods

Nasturtium pods, also called seeds or buds, are hot like peppers when they are mature, green and plump. They also make an incredible pickled condiment that is considered better than capers in many sauces and salads. I’m looking forward to using them in an old favorite capanata spread recipe that relies on capers for its […]

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Burgandy Cockscomb

Burgundy Cockscomb – A Striking Heirloom Flower

New to our 2012 catalog is the Burgundy Cockscomb (Celosia cristata) flower. This amazingly beautiful heirloom flower has a very interesting story. Celosia comes from the Greek kelos meaning “burned” referring to the color of the prototypical flower. Native throughout the tropics, it was the dark red-colored C. cristata that was first introduced into Europe […]

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Armenian Cucumber

Armenian Cucumber- Best Tasting, Burpless Home Grown Cucumber

I’ve often wondered why the Armenian Cucumber was always the preferred choice of cucumber for my grandmother. She said it was the best tasting cucumber and that it was “burpless” which was important to her. I know sometimes folks are very sensitive to eating raw cucumber because of that burping issue. What causes the burping? […]

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2011 Terroir Seeds Growing Season Update- 3/6/2011

The snows have melted off, but the clouds are gathering for more rain or possibly snow showers on Monday. We have gotten some prep work done in the garden, and are ready to broadfork the raised beds, apply the Azomite and lay in some compost. First, though, we will need a less windy day. After […]

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