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Seed Germination

What Happened To My Seed Germination?

Seed Germination – Challenges and Rewards Seed germination issues happen every spring and challenge many new and experienced gardeners and growers. Over the years we have found a lot of commonality in why our customers have problems with seed germination. The four biggest issues are soil temperature, moisture levels, knowledge or experience and patience. We’ve […]

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Handful of seed

All Seeds Are Not Equal

Your Garden is Chemical-Free, Are Your Seeds? There is a groundswell among home gardeners looking to grow their gardens in a less chemically intensive and more biologically responsible way. They spend hours reading and researching the best ways to build the health and fertility of their soils, improve the microbial communities in the soil and […]

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Hand Packing Heirloom Seed

New Heirloom Seed Arriving!

The holidays come early when you work with heirloom seeds, as shipments from growers start arriving in early November and continue as the seeds are harvested, cleaned, dried and shipped to us for packing. Some of our seeds arrive in cloth bags with hand-written variety descriptions on them, others arrive in large paper bags tied […]

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Native Wildflowers Against Sandstone

Heirloom Seeds and The Native Garden

Heirloom Vegetables and Native Plants Work Well Together Heirloom gardening has really caught on in the past several years; from the delicious and nutritious usefulness of heirloom vegetables and herbs to the ethereal, captivating scent and stunning colors of heirloom flowers. What is often overlooked is the foundational stock of native plants and how they […]

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Handful of Seed

What Are Heirloom Seeds?

Heirloom seeds, heirloom vegetables and heirloom gardening are becoming increasingly popular today. Many people are turning or returning to home gardening for a variety of reasons, and heirloom seeds figure prominently. Some of these include an interest in fresh, local and healthy foods, others need to stretch the family food budget, some need additional exercise […]

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The Tale of Two Seeds- Heirloom vs Hybrid Seed Production

Two of the most important ingredients in growing food are healthy, fertile soil and good quality seed. As gardeners and growers, there is often an arc in the quality of both that directly corresponds to the arc of knowledge and experience of the grower. At first, most home gardeners will start out buying seeds from […]

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